Endangered Species

It’s not rational to believe that the omission of her name on an envelope is a true attempt at erasure. And yet, it is hard not to feel its prick, hard not to know that there are parts of her that have slowly evaporated…goals and dreams that have disappeared, parts of her identity that have been shuffled around and set aside. Sometimes it seems like a name is all that remains, and she must hold to it until her knuckles are white; she must cling to the snippets that remain of the person she was. Continue reading Endangered Species

Origami of the Heart

The face of a wristwatch stares at me from its case, frozen at 8:15 a.m. Tattered backpacks, left behind by children on their way to school, wait for their owners to claim them from this post-apocalyptic lost-and-found. A tricycle, now rusted, joints stricken with gout, spent 40 years underground before it was resurrected for exhibition. It belonged to a boy named Shin, and grief gnaws … Continue reading Origami of the Heart

Top Ten Gift Ideas for Kids

10. Anything, as long as it’s completely different from what their sibling received. That way, they can compare and claim “it’s not fair!” that someone else got a better gift. 9. Stickers. Lots and lots of stickers. It’s the gift that keeps giving as you find them stuck to your carpet year-round. 8. Something expensive that is bound to get colored on with permanent marker, … Continue reading Top Ten Gift Ideas for Kids

Crayons of various colors are sprawled across a brown table

Top Ten Reasons to Craft with Your Kids

10. You’ve never liked to craft, but a thoughtful relative sent you a link to a project they thought you might enjoy doing alone with your kids. 9. You have a rainy day fund that you’d love to devote to a bunch of craft supplies that will end up in the trash. 8. Home décor that relies heavily on toilet paper tube sculptures is something … Continue reading Top Ten Reasons to Craft with Your Kids