Top Ten Reasons to Travel with Kids

10. You don’t mind dirty looks from strangers when your lap child poops during the plane’s ascent and you can’t change him until you’ve reached cruising altitude.

9. Carrying your toddler around for a week will be the perfect exercise routine after the airline destroys or loses your stroller in transit.

8. The picky eater in your family is ready to branch out (i.e., be forced to eat) something other than chicken fingers.

7. You’ve been wondering if you and your potty-training toddler can actually both fit in an airplane bathroom.

6. You’ve also been wondering what it would be like if your potty-training toddler opened the airplane bathroom door while you were on the toilet.

5. You’ve never had the opportunity to play Marco Polo at the TSA security checkpoint.

4. You like to spend your evenings arguing with your pre-teen about which souvenir they should buy, just as the store is closing.

3. The thought of having your whole family sleep together in one room for a week straight sounds cozy and sweet.

2. It could be exciting to try to pacify your tantruming child while trapped in a quiet train car with other travelers–a real life “Mission Impossible.”

1. Learning how to say, “I’m sorry,” in multiple languages has been on your bucket list.

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