Top Ten Gift Ideas for Kids

10. Anything, as long as it’s completely different from what their sibling received. That way, they can compare and claim “it’s not fair!” that someone else got a better gift.

9. Stickers. Lots and lots of stickers. It’s the gift that keeps giving as you find them stuck to your carpet year-round.

8. Something expensive that is bound to get colored on with permanent marker, run through the washing machine, or immediately lost.

7. Anything with lots of tiny pieces, especially if there is assembly required.

6. Something monogrammed that can’t be handed down to a sibling or easily donated.

5. Legos. Forget the wrapping paper and just scatter them on the floor wherever you tend to walk barefoot.

4. Something in their most favorite color, blue. That way, they can frown when they open it and inform you that their favorite color is actually purple. #gaslighting

3. Two words: Battery. Operated. Lots of lights ands sounds to keep their attention. If you’re lucky, it will go off randomly on its own in the back of a dark closet in the middle of the night. You can play a fun game of hide-and-seek as you search for it with your cell phone in one hand and a baseball bat in the other.

2. Exactly what they asked for. That way they can open it and tell you they changed their mind and actually don’t like Star Wars anymore. Bonus points if there are tears of disappointment.

1. A cardboard box. Sell the toy and let them play with the packaging for hours. They will be more excited about this box than whatever was inside.

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