Crayons of various colors are sprawled across a brown table

Top Ten Reasons to Craft with Your Kids

10. You’ve never liked to craft, but a thoughtful relative sent you a link to a project they thought you might enjoy doing alone with your kids.

9. You have a rainy day fund that you’d love to devote to a bunch of craft supplies that will end up in the trash.

8. Home décor that relies heavily on toilet paper tube sculptures is something you’re interested in exploring more.

7. Maybe you can count craft time as Homeschool Art Class…?

6. You’ve been wanting some more homemade gifts so you can feel guilty about throwing them away later.

5. It could be fun to see if the four-year-old uses the scissors to give someone a haircut when you aren’t looking.

4. You like to spend your time explaining glue-to-tissue-paper ratios.

3. You’ve been wanting to re-live the humiliation of seventh grade art class.

2. The thought of finding glitter all over your house for the next 15 years excites you.

1. You enjoy hearing your six-year-old say, “You’re doing it wrong.”

//This post was inspired by the prompt “Write a top ten list” from Rhythm: a year of listening, praying, and writing by Katie Blackburn

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