[The Beauty of] M[otherhood]

Motherhood is messy. It’s mounds of mac ‘n’ cheese and macrame art. Motherhood magnifies mere mortals, makes Marian martyrs out of mall rats. Motherhood is a masquerade, a mission, a mirror. It’s the ministry of missing mittens. It mutates and metabolizes, muddles minds and mesmerizes. It’s the merging of meek and mighty. It’s malodorous and melodious. It’s midwinter mud pies and midweek mayhem. Motherhood is … Continue reading [The Beauty of] M[otherhood]

Midnight Scream

We learned lyrics to the fight songsang them in a sea of strangers on Saturday morningsthen, fueled by victory or losswe looped arms around each other’s shoulders and swayed to the softness of the alma mater.They told us if we walked into a crowded bar inBrazil and yelled, “Go Green!” someone would respond, “Go White!”because that’s what it means to be a Spartan.And we believed … Continue reading Midnight Scream

Five Things to Do With a Mistake

Have a staring contest with your mistake. Take a deep breath, open your eyes, and glare at that thing. Hold its gaze until your eyes burn, until tears stream down your face. When you can’t bear it anymore, keep staring. Lock eyes until it looks away. If you find this impossible, don’t be afraid to blink. Keep practicing. Try again. Trust that you will outlast … Continue reading Five Things to Do With a Mistake